Guide on what the commands do

Any command marked with an * is only available with our premium version of the bot

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Voice command


Example usage

voice lock

Locks the channel so that no one can join it

.voice lock

voice unlock

Unlocks the channel

.voice unlock

voice name <name>

Change channels name

.voice name Lounge

voice limit <number>

Limit how many users can join your channel

.voice limit 5

voice permit/allow <@user>

Permit certain user to join your channel

.voice permit @sam

voice reject/deny <@user>

Reject a certain user from joining your channel

.voice reject @sam

voice claim

Claim a channel once the owner has left it

.voice claim

voice info <channel_id>

Get information about a channel

.voice info 480390747636629505

*voice text

Create Temporary text channels along side your voice channels

.voice text

*voice ghost/unghost

Make your channel disappear/appear

.voice ghost

*voice invite <@user>

Send an invite link to a user when you've hidden your channel

.voice invite @sam


Archives the temporary text channels, meaning they won't get deleted


General commands


@voicemaster myprefix

Gives you the current prefix setup for the server


Gives you information about the bot


Gives you statistics of the bot usage


Pong - latency


Gives you an invite link for the bot


Resets all of your settings

Admin commands



voice setup

Setup join to create channels

.voice setup

voice presetup <channel_id>

Setup join to create in a premade category

.voice presetup 480390747636629505

*voice setup sequence

Create sequential channels

.voice setup sequence

*voice setup clone

Creates channels with predefined names/limits

.voice setup clone

setprefix <prefix>

Changes the prefix for the server

.setprefix v.


Reset the server settings

.reset server

*settext <message>

The bot will send the specified message to the temporary created channels on creation.

.settext check out our social medias ...............